Studio Session Rates

HALF DAY-Block (5 hrs)-$650.00

FULL DAY- Block (9 hrs) -$1200.00

FULL WEEK- Block (45 hrs) - $5500.00



1. All Studio time will be booked as block time only.

2. Studio bookings will require 1/2 of booking time paid as deposit prior to Studio setup for session.

3. All Studio time will be paid in full upon completion of booked time.

4. Any time that is considered roll over time which means (time that exceeds the original booked time) will be added to each session at a rate of $130.00 per hour not to exceed (2) additional hours or the session will be billed the next Half Block time.

5. Any Studio Instruments may be used free of charge during each session if needed.

6. Any damage to Studio Instruments or Equipment during session will be added to bill accordingly.

7. This is a Non-Smoking facility